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Empower Through Education

India, one of the oldest civilizations, has in the past made some of the greatest contributions and nurtured some of the greatest innovators in several facets of human and societal evolution. With today's increasing literacy levels and growing accessibility to information; one would only guess that our impact on global advance must have multiplied more. While it's true that India reigns among top ranks in several growth areas; the fact remains that the growth does not seem proportional. It feels like our creative spark has faded over the centuries.

Our current academic syllabus does a great job at informing; but does not necessarily inspire. In urban areas; due to better institutions, better trained teachers and higher exposure to information though technology; inspiration is available in alternate guises. However, in rural areas, this is hard to find.

VEFI is here to revolutionize the manner in which education is imparted in villages. While at VEFI we would love to see every young Indian adorn a graduate hat; that is not our vision. We will deem our dream fulfilled if and only when these youngsters, empowered by education, work to take their community and the nation as a whole, to the next level _ be it in agriculture, business, politics, law, sciences, medicine, entertainment, arts or sports.

VEFI aspires to touch every young child growing up in a village. It will make every one of them, to think and behave as leaders and entrepreneurs. VEFI attempts to use education to dare and inspire these young minds to be creative, think big, persist and achieve.